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Tour in Bonito – Float Destination

Among the natural walks, floating in Bonito is one of the most sought after activities by people who visit the city of Mato Grosso do Sul.

And, as floating in the rivers of Bonito is diving into an aquarium, everyone is enchanted by the blue water and visibility, conditions that allow you to closely observe the marine flora and fauna.

Each fluctuation is different and has its characteristics and strengths.

Options for those who want to float in Bonito

So, let’s put on a mask and a snorkel and confirm that Bonito is beautiful even underwater.

Nascente Azul (Blue Rising)

For the ones who don’t know the fluctuations of Bonito yet, the Blue Rising is a great place to start.

Made at the source of the Bonito River – 19 miles from the center -, the Blue Rising float is 7 meters deep. It is the shortest buoyancy in Bonito, approximately 30 minutes long.

Because it is faster, Blue Rising fluctuation is recommended for children and the elderly.

In this float you can see the “hole” where is the source of the Bonito River and the most daring visitors can remove the life jacket and go down to the hole, holding a rope.

Rio Sucuri (Sucuri River)

Floating on the Sucuri River is relatively simple as the visitor gets help from the tide.

Lasting about 50 minutes, the float on the Sucuri River leads the visitor for a distance of almost one mile, ensuring the observation of fish and aquatic plants.

Rio da Prata (River of silver)

Most famous destination for those who is looking for flotation in Bonito, but it is actually in Jardim!

They are one mile of river descent floating in the Olho d´Água river, entering the River of Silver in the final section.

The fluctuation lasts on average up to two hours. So be breathtaking!

Natural Aquarium

Here, the float is done on an 800-meter stretch of the Baía Bonita River, where the Natural Aquarium works.

In this float 4 miles from the Center, in addition to the various colorful fish, the highlight is the rich underwater flora. Perfect for contemplation!

Additional facilities include hiking and animal watching trails, zip lines, a bar, restaurant, diving training pool and natural history museum.

Barra do Sucuri (Sucuri Bar)

This flotation is made in the Sucuri riverbed, where the waters are transparent and beautiful to see.

On the ride to Barra do Sucuri, a boat takes tourists by the river at a distance of 1 mile.

On the way back, just let the body goes, the current will carry it.

Lagoa Misteriosa (Mysterious Lagoon)

The Mysterious Lagoon is considered the seventh deepest cave in Brazil, 220 meters deep.

What is perfect for floating and diving!

With colorful fish and blue waters, the Mysterious Lagoon impresses with its incredible transparency.

The tour begins on a trail that leads to the lookout, from where you can contemplate all the beauty of the vegetation that covers the lagoon.

The access to the water mirror is through a staircase of 170 steps.

Floating and diving activities are suspended between October and April, due to the proliferation of microalgae, which reduces visibility.

Only certified divers can perform the activity in the period.

Abismo Anhumas (Anhumas Abyss)

A hole in the ground is the gateway to the 72-meter abyss.

In the end, a huge lake with transparent water, 80 meters deep, turns green and blue, depending on the intensity of the light.

The only way to get to the lake is to rappel amid halls surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites of various sizes and shapes.

If you want to dive autonomously, you need to be accredited and, if you are not, you will be enchanted by snorkeling. But we warn you: this adventure requires good physical condition.

When floating in Bonito, you must remember that is prohibited to use sunscreen and repellent before entering the water and even during activities, after all these products are not part of the water and preservation is necessary!

Now that you know everything about the fluctuations in Bonito, just finish your itinerary and play this unforgettable trip that will be made in the ecotourism capital in Brazil.

So, ready to float?






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